Pastor Marcus Gill teams up with Kia B Music to host Praisefest at Sailfest 2016!

Pastor Marcus and Rush Church United join other CT churches to bring a full day of sacred music on the City Pier of New London CT. 

Come down and be a part of the fun and fellowship!

Sunday July 10th 12-5pm.

Hartford, CT – Kia A. Baird, founder of Kia B Music will present in the 6x6x6 exhibitions at Connecticut Arts Day Wednesday March 2nd 2016, 1:30pm, in room 310 of the CT State Capitol.

Kia B Music was asked to present on its upcoming community arts projects including The Girls in Jazz Spring Break Camp. The camp will be held at Hygienic Arts Center in New London April 18th-22nd followed by a performance at the Garde Arts Center. This camp is funded by the Regional Initiative Grant program (REGI) and is for girls ages 14-18.  Information and registration form can be obtained by emailing
Kia B Music is also partnering with the Norwich Arts Center and the Norwich Public School system to provide afterschool arts and drama programming for middle school students.
For more information and to register to attend the CT Arts Day

Video: New Year Transcript 

Disclaimer: This is a transcript of the video entitled “New Year”. It is transcribed for the hearing impaired or for anyone who would prefer to read the text. It is written in a very casual text and may include some grammatical errors and/or repetition.
Kia B.: Hey, Happy New Year Friends, its Kia B here for Kia B Music. Just wanted to take a few seconds to say Hello, Happy New Year! And to thank you for stopping by the Kia Baird Music website. I hope that you have a blessed and prosperous New Year. I hope that you also come back and check out our website often for events that are coming up, organizations we are partnering with and projects that we are working on in 2016 to do great things in the New Year. Again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and I hope you have a blessed new year!